Welcome to Autism Brainstorm

Sunday, August 16th
9:00 PM Eastern Time
The Miller Method® HOA with Ethan Miller, AUGUST 2015
Welcome to the AUGUST 2015 segment of THE MILLER METHOD® Hangout On Air with Ethan Miller and his group of panelists. 

This evening's topic will be:
Symbol  Accentuation Reading Program

~Multi-sensory learning, morphing techniques, ASL, reinforcement
~The early program
~Current  SARP
~Techniques in the Classroom
~Techniques One on One
~Published Accounts
~Tools, tools, tools

THE POETIC DIMENSION: Poetry beyond the box
with Erik Estabrook and various complex minds
The topic for this hangout will be:  CLARITY
Erik Estabrook and a Google Hangout panel comprised of various complex minds will share their original poetry and engage in dynamic discussions.  

9:00 PM Eastern Time
Neurodiversity Movement and Autism Spectrum Disorder
with Rebecca Sperber
  M.S., MFT
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.56.52 AM

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Adventures of a Young Aspie, AUGUST 2015

Child Advocacy and the Miller Method® with Rebecca Sperber

The focus of the hangout will center on child advocacy:  it's challenges, the mechanics of how to do it, and the desired outcomes.

The Miller Method will be incorporated into the discussion to create real life examples of how to advocate for a specific method or approach to teaching or treating a particular child with autism.

Mindsets and skills sets for parents to acquire will be explained and discussed by panel members ranging from parents, teachers, therapists and clinicians.  Each panel member will discuss their personal experience with the Miller Method and their experiences with how to advocate for its efficacy to parents, shools and clinical settings.

 AUTISM BRAINSTORM: Guy Talk with Dr. Robert Naseef

Sunday, June 14, Guy Talk will focus on how fathers of children with autism and special needs can appreciate and honor their own mothers and the devoted mothers of their children.  Setting aside a day to honor mothers is important, but true gratitude requires expression beyond flowers, cards, and going out to eat. A mother’s love is boundless, and this is a time to reflect on our sweetest memories of women as mothers and grandmothers. Beyond honoring the woman who raised him, the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love and appreciate their mother. Our special contributor is James May, the former director of the National Fathers Network. Although now retired, his contributions to the special needs community live on through the Washington State Fathers Network. James will share his wisdom and appreciation for women derived from many years of service to the special needs community around the country. James has a special perspective as he grew up with special health care needs.

THE POETIC DIMENSION: Poetry beyond the box with Erik Estabrook
and various complex minds, JUNE 2015

 AUTISM BRAINSTORM: VSM (Video Self Modeling) for Autism
with Dr. Tom Buggey, MAY 2015

Autism, Gaming and Facial Recognition with Dr. Elisabeth Whyte